Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pastor Marcia's Journal

A friend has suggested I post the following entry from my regular blog to explain exactly what Pastor Marcia's Journal is. Fair enough. I'll also mention that the entry immediately below this one is the last. If you'd like to read them in order, you should start at the bottom.

Pastor Marcia's Journal

My friend, Rev. Marcia Ricketts, is working in a refugee camp in Mai La, Thailand on the border of Burma/Myanmar. She's there under the auspices of the American Baptists, teaching English and doing whatever else she can find useful to do.

Because Web access is sporadic at best in third-world refugee camps, Pastor Marcia has no blog of her own. But she's able to send e-mails on occasion to her friends in the States, and she's given me permission to post them for her.

So I've started up Pastor Marcia's Journal. I'll be posting the letters already received over the next week or so and I'll update it as the letters come in. Check it out. Should it inspire you to do likewise ... well, there's no shortage of good causes out there.

You probably thought I didn't know people like Marcia. Well, I do. We've been pals for years. There's a perfectly innocent explanation for why she refers to me as "the Prince of Darkness."